Monday, 13 July 2015


After what seems like forever, Mark and I finally got a day off to ourselves to spend together. We decided on a day out to Bristol, just to escape Bath for the day. Although I adore Bath and can imagine myself living here for a long time, it's always nice for a change and to go somewhere different, even if it's only for the day.

Since moving out of our student house, we are now so much closer to not just Oldfield Park and the surrounding area (which is generally full of students!), but also much closer to town, meaning that I can just pop in and out whenever I want - always handy if we ever run out of any amenities.

We left just before midday, from the smaller of the two stations in Bath. I know it sounds weird, but I really like train tracks and bridges (of which you'll see further down in this post) and Oldfield Park, which is a small station just around the corner,  especially is such a quiet and quaint station with two trains an hour going to both Bath and Bristol.

We had to stop at Five Guys whilst we were in Bristol. Ever since stoppping there when we were in London last year, we have loved it ever since. And seeing as there was one opening in Bristol, we have pretty much gone there every time we have gone to Bristol since.


I'm a tad obsessed with lovely looking doors at the moment, like this pastel pink one.

Dotted around the city are all different patterns of these Shaun the Sheeps that raise money for charity. We spotted them all around the town centre as well as at the train station, Clifton Suspension bridge and in and around Clifton. Clifton is also probably one of the nicest parts of bristol, with its Georgian like houses, it almost felt like we hadn't left Bath. Whilst we were here, we visited the suspension bridge, which Mark had never seen before. Unfortunately it had scaffolding on it, which was a shame, but nevertheless, the views you get from being there are amazing! 

We stumbled across a furry friend along the way.

I also picked up this Miss Patina dress recently that I had been wanting to buy for ages and I'm so glad I did! I absolutely adore it. It's just the right length, with the most stunning illustrations on it of the Eiffel tower and its Parisian residents. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I do however, have my eye on an Oliver Bonas one that is very similar, but I think I'll have to save my pennies for a while before I go about buying it.

Whilst we were in Bristol, I made it my mission to find a graduation dress as the last two I ordered online (with a very slow, almost lacking a connection) have just turned out to be not quite right for whatever reason, so I was determined to find one I was happy with. I wanted to get either a white of light blue dress to match the navy robes we have, and I couldn't find anything until we were in the last shop before heading home, which was Zara. I won't tell you what it's like as I'll be blogging about it (hopefully) or there will be a few photos on instagram to have a look at.

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