Friday, 27 March 2015


As part of one of my university projects, I am looking into Lookbooks - about how they are put together and why they exist. Today's blog post therefore, is a small reflection of this. 

Sarah and I took a wonder up to campus (Newton Park) to find a spot that would be suitable for an outfit post/lookbook test shots. Around campus, we are surrounded by beautiful greenery and sights from Newton St Loe and Cortson. There are so many places to go on campus and it never gets boring!

Sarah also wanted a few photos of her new Cath Kidston dress, which suits her so well. The print on the dress is a reflection of around where Cath actually lives and so the landscape at uni was a perfect choice to use for these photos. 

Although campus is so lovely, I would highly recommend something a bit stronger than pumps or small heeled boots however to actually get to the spot where we shot these photos.  It wasn't hard to get to this spot behind the lake, but climbing over a fence with lots of layers that we were carrying as well as camera equipment isn't exactly easy.


I wasn't intending on having any photos taken of myself, but with this lovely dress, also from Cath Kidston, I could hardly say no. I love this dress so much because of the print but also how flattering and floaty it is. I'd love to wear it with just tights, but it could do with being a little bit longer, otherwide it would be completely perfect!

After the shoot, we headed for the SU for a celebratory meal of pulled pork panini's with chips. It had been a long day so far and with neither of us having had breakfast or lunch so far that day, I think it was acceptable. It went on to be an even longer day as we had to print out the photos and after not having found a Macintosh, we headed for Sion Hill campus and then walked home whilst the sun was setting.

How have you spent the lighter evenings so far?

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Hello, hello, hello. Long time, no see world!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've just been really busy with my last year of university and have so much work to do! Anyway, I want to tell you about an adventure from last week.

Sarah, George and myself took a trip to Chew Valley Lake, just outside of Bath, and my gosh, it's so lovely! It didn't take long to get there and the sun was shining all day, just until we left. The lake is huge - I didn't expect it to be so big, but because of the miserable weather we've has recently, the lake has flooded parts of the surrounding greenery. So when we took these photos, there was a lot of squelching. 

All photos are care of Sarah, my best friend and housemate - check out her blog here and her official photography wesbite here if you have the chance. Every one of her photos are lovely! You also may even see me in a few photos.

I love this photo of me looking silly!

 With any photograph that Sarah takes of me, at some point throughout, I'll be making a silly face or have a laughing fit. Here, i decided to put one of the twigs in my hair.


The plan for the afternoon was to have a 'winter picnic', but it was so cold that Sarah's hot chocolate went cold and we just wanted to go home. Overall, a successful day, but so very cold, even if I may not be showing it in these photos.

I also want to tell you about this dress that is featured in this post. It's my favourite dress that I own, and I got it from the people I work with as a birthday present. It fits so well and is so flattering. I'm so grateful for it.

Hope to see you soon!

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