Sunday, 15 December 2013

Please don't leave me.

Today's blog post is about my art work for once. I have a project that I have to carry on doing over Christmas with an overall theme of Hybrids. From creating a few initial images, I came up with a theme of abandonment and the human form and because I wanted to create an installation in an abandoned building, I can't actually create it at university so I have to document it instead. These are the photos that I have so far and my lecturer liked them, but they are a bit melodramatic. I also actually want to get inside of an abandoned building so that the whole set-up looks a lot more realistic.

The model here is my housemate, Keren. She studies Dance at university and I thought she would be great for my project. She is such a lovely lady and always helps out myself and Sarah with any projects that we have to do. So thank you Keren for the help and time you gave.
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