Sunday, 28 July 2013

My First Fashion blog post!

As much as I love having a blog and trying out and buying different outfits, I'm very camera-shy. So getting my boyfriend (I've made him the photographer) to take a few photos of me just to show my outfit, was more than hard work. I've done photo shoots before for a couple of close friends like the ones featured below, but the photographer always tells me what to do so I don't look silly...

Photos C/O Sarah Porteus
Once I saw this dress on Megan's blog, I couldn't resist buying it myself! It's a little bit puffy for my liking but it fits really well. It cinches in at the waist and makes me feel like a princess every time I wear it. Out of all the colours that were on the website as well, this one caught my eye the most as I don't really have that much blue/turquoise things, I have too much pink and the yellow was a bit too bright for my liking. 

This is the 'I don't like having my photo taken' face!


I LOVE the headband that I also bought from Paige Joanna! It's so cute and colourful and can pretty much go with any outfit. I spotted it after looking through her blog for quite some time and decided it was time to purchase it. I want to get the pink one that she has on her site too, but me being a student, I don't have that much money - so, maybe with next months payslip. 


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